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Pediatric Dentistry for all childhood dental concerns

Drs. Michelle and Glenn Taylor of Sandy, Utah, are dentists excited to offer pediatric dentistry as one of their many services. Pediatric dentistry is a specialized area of dental work that focuses on the care of children’s smiles. Not everyone is considered a children’s dentist, which is where extra experience and training come in handy! We are here to provide comprehensive dental care for children and adults in the same office location. 

Why visit a pediatric dentist? 

When it comes to caring for children, it takes special training to ensure children are relaxed in the dental chair and confident in taking care of their smiles. We also know that it is vital that the first few dental visits for a child go well to ensure they are comfortable and have a positive experience with our dental team. Many children who have negative experiences at the dentist will have dental anxiety later in life. That can keep them from getting the care they need to ensure healthy smiles for life. A pediatric dentist also performs specific evaluations and procedures that a regular adult dentist may not be as well-versed in providing. 

What services are provided by a pediatric dentist? 

Below are a few of the more common services that are provided to children in our practice:

  • Dental examinations include a physical evaluation of the patient’s smile and x-rays to monitor for signs of problems such as cavities or disease.
  • Teeth cleanings – our dental hygienists can thoroughly clean the teeth and gums during recall appointments.
  • Fluoride and sealants – protecting the smile from cavities can be done by adding an extra layer with sealants or applying fluoride to strengthen the natural tooth enamel.
  • Dental fillings – children with cavities may need dental fillings to address the decay and keep it from going deeper into the tooth.
  • Extractions – some children may need dental extractions, especially if they are preparing for orthodontic work from overcrowding.

Are you interested in working with a children’s dentist in Sandy, Utah?

Call Drs. Michelle and Glenn Taylor at (801) 285-6607 to schedule an appointment for your child or children at 9924 South 700 E. Our professionals are here to help you teach your child the benefits of routine dental visits and taking care of the smile in between dental appointments.