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Why are dental examinations and checkups necessary?

Drs. Glenn and Michelle Taylor of Sandy, Utah, understand the importance of a routine dental checkup. This dental hygiene exam, along with a thorough cleaning by our dental hygienist, should be performed regularly to help patients achieve better oral health and wellness. It also provides for the early detection of various issues, including periodontal disease, infections, and tooth decay.

Why do I need a routine dental checkup?

Routine dental checkups are vital to monitoring a patient’s oral health and wellness. Many conditions caught early can be treated successfully, eliminating extensive and expensive dental work in the future. When patients take a proactive stance on their oral health, they make a quality investment into their smile and overall health. Additionally, patients with dental insurance will often have their cleaning and examination covered in total, making it completely free for many of our patients. Being proactive about the smile allows early detection and treatment of many dental problems that may arise with time.

What is a dental examination?

During a dental examination, patients will be seated in the dental chair by our team. If it’s been a while, the team may take a series of dental x-rays and photos to understand the patient’s current oral health and wellness. Our dental hygienists will then clean the teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and calculus. Then, the dentist will come and evaluate the patient further. The dentist will discuss any issues or concerns that have developed with the patient, and solutions may be recommended during this time. We want patients to make educated decisions regarding their oral health, which is why we provide them the knowledge they need with their current smile to achieve the healthy smile they deserve!

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