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How patients can replace missing teeth with Dental Implants

For many patients, missing teeth can cause them to hide their smiles because they are embarrassed at their appearance. After losing a tooth from disease or extraction, the space left can also make it difficult for patients to eat and speak efficiently. With this in mind, many patients who have experienced tooth loss will want to talk to their Sandy, Utah dentist about replacement options. For many, dental implants are an excellent solution and are highly recommended by Drs. Michelle and Glenn Taylor of Taylor Dental Care.

What is a dental implant?

If you need to restore a missing tooth, you may want to ask our team about the advantages of dental implants. These restorations serve as a tooth root replacement. The implant itself is made of a metal known as titanium, which is biocompatible to the body. It is implanted during oral surgery into the jawbone. The bone of the jaw wraps around the implant with time through a process referred to as osseointegration. Once the implant combines with the bone, the abutment’s upper portion can be restored with a crown, bridge, or denture.

How are dental implants used?

Dental implants can restore one, several, or all the teeth in the smile. This versatility makes them a standard solution for tooth loss, especially in patients seeking a long-lasting, permanent solution. A crown is fixed over the implant to replace a single tooth. Full mouth dental implants are often used for holding in a full denture to replace the entire arch of teeth. One or more implants can also support a dental bridge when adjacent teeth are not available.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Versatility
  • Permanency
  • Easy care
  • Smart investment
  • Bone retention

Schedule a visit with Drs. Michelle and Glenn Taylor to learn more about dental implants

Dental implants are incredibly versatile. If you want to restore a lost tooth with a natural, long-lasting solution, dental implants might be right for you! Call (801) 285-6607 today to request an appointment at 9924 South 700 E to discuss options for tooth replacement.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium roots, that are replaced with in the jawbone to resemble a tooth or group of teeth. A screw is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone. A porcelain crown is then attached to the screw to become the new tooth or teeth. They can be used to support dental prosthesis including crowns, dentures, and bridges. Today’s treatments are so natural looking, no one will know you had surgery. There’s approximately a 95% success rate for all implants. With modern advances in dentistry, some implants can be restored immediately with life like all porcelain crowns. For more details ask your dentist.