Cosmetic Gum Surgery for an Uneven Gum Line

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A person who is not happy with their smile due to an uneven gumline can receive cosmetic gum surgery to fix it. An irregular gumline may be from gums growing too low or receding away from teeth, causing teeth to appear overly large or small. In reality, most teeth are consistent in size, but the gums determine how they appear. Patients have several options when it comes to treatments that can strike a balance between the teeth and gums for an even smile.

What is cosmetic gum surgery?

Also known as gum contouring or gum reshaping, cosmetic gum surgery can surgically remove or regenerate tissue around the teeth. There are occasionally medical reasons to undergo gum surgery, but the majority of patients request it because they are dissatisfied with their smile. Ask a dentist about qualifications for the following procedures.

Procedure options

There is a fix for almost every problem a patient might experience with a gumline. Showing too little of the teeth may require contouring that scrapes away some of the gum, while too much may benefit from gum growth stimulation. These are surgical procedures that may benefit a patient depending on the problem with the gumline:

  • Contouring: Cutting away excess gum tissue to expose parts of teeth and redefine an even gumline
  • Flap surgery: Removing plaque in deep pockets between the teeth and gums by cutting away a flap of gum tissue and then stitching it back together
  • Bone grafting: Replacing part of a tooth or damaged bone with new bone
  • Tissue grafting: Replacing lost tissue around a tooth or root with tissue taken from another part of the body
  • Regeneration: Placing artificial material in gaps where bone should be to prevent gum tissue from growing there and providing time for the bone to regrow

With so many options, patients are likely to find at least one type of surgery that can restore the gumline and smile.  


To prepare for the surgery, a dentist typically asks questions about medical history to ensure a patient can safely undergo the surgery. Expect an exam that checks for underlying health issues that could present complications post-surgery. Patients can use this checkup to ask any questions about the procedure before scheduling the appointment.  

The appointment

Most surgeries only require a single appointment to complete, with a visit lasting around two hours. Before beginning, the dentist may draw a line on the gums that indicates where the new gumline will be afterward, giving patients an idea of the results. They thoroughly clean areas beneath the gums where plaque or tartar has clustered before resetting the gums.


After cosmetic gum surgery, patients can expect to complete certain steps during a recovery period, the length of which depending on the specific surgery. A dentist may advise patients not to eat or drink certain foods and provide medication to ease pain and discomfort. Patients can maintain the new smile by following each step and keeping up on good oral hygiene.

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