Are Same Day Crowns Available at the Same Time a Root Canal Is Done?

Same Day Dentistry Sandy, UT

Same day crowns are very good options for busy individuals. They save people a lot of time because there is no need for additional appointments. A same day crown is often placed in a single sitting. If you are looking for a good way to restore your looks quickly, you should consider a same day crown.

Same day crowns and the root canal procedure

A crown is basically a cap that is placed by the dentist over the tooth. A dental crown can help protect a weak tooth or to cover a tooth treated with a root canal. Any person who is a candidate for a dental crown is usually a candidate for a same day crown. Some dental offices offer same day crowns after the root canal is done.

A root canal

A root canal is often recommended when there is an infection deep within a person’s tooth. The pulp inside a patient’s tooth can get infected with bacteria. This can occur either because of an injury or a severe, untreated cavity. After the root canal is done, the tooth will be more fragile than it was before. A tooth with no pulp has to receive nourishment from the ligament that attaches or connects the tooth to the bone.

Even though this supply is usually adequate, with time, the tooth will become more brittle. A crown is often needed to offer protection. Some dentists usually place the same day crown during the same appointment. There are several advantages of choosing a same day crown over the traditional crown.

Traditional crowns and same day crowns

For traditional crowns, the dentist has to take an impression of the tooth which will have to be sent to the lab for the preparation of the dental crown. This process often takes weeks and another appointment has to be scheduled when the crown is ready. The final restoration is usually placed at the follow-up appointment.

With same day crowns, the process is faster. The restoration is done within a single day. Some people prefer this option because it saves time. Patients only need to visit the dentist once for the full root canal treatment. It is also convenient especially for people who have to take time off school or work for the dental procedure.


If you have a serious tooth infection or abscess or a badly decayed tooth, a root canal can help save your tooth. Your dentist may recommend the use of a crown after the procedure to help protect your tooth. It will also help restore your tooth to its original function. If you want to save time you should opt for a same day crown. The whole root canal treatment including the placement of the crown can be done in a single visit. This means you will not have to go back to your dentist’s office for the placement of the permanent crown. If you want to learn more about the placement of the same day crown after the root canal is done, talk to your dentist today.

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